Body for God

A Biblical Perspective On Our Bodies

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We all make resolutions every year to eat better, exercise more, and just generally take better care of our bodies. But why don’t we follow through? Why is it so hard to be disciplined in this area? In this series, Ed reminds us that the body, God’s greatest creation, matters to him. He also addresses how our spiritual and physical health intersect to reflect a true body for God.

sermons from this Series

    1. Bodyology


    Why God Cares About How We Treat Our Bodies

    You may not hear this in church very often butour bodies matter to God. God has demonstrated from the very beginning of time, with the special creation of man, to the very end, with the bodily resurrection of the believer in Christ, that He places supreme importance on the body He has given each one of us. This message from Ed Young lays the Biblical foundation for training and maintaining your body by God.
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    2. Foodology - Part 1

    Foodology - Part 1

    Eating God'S Way

    The first of the Ten Commandments says that we should not worship any other gods except God Almighty. Well, the sad fact is that many have, as the Bible says, made their belly a god and they worship at the altar of rich delicacies and gourmet cuisine. God has given us all things to enjoy, but Ed Young also reminds us in this message that food is ultimately just the fuel that energizes us for service to God and others.
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    3. Foodology - Part 2

    Foodology - Part 2

    Practical Advice For Eating Well

    Ed Young joins his wife, Lisa, in the kitchen, for this extremely practical message about the kind of nutritional lifestyle that honors God. Also, fitness expert Larry North shares his own advice on both healthy eating and physical fitness. This unique talk is a powerful reminder that, because Christ dwells in our bodies through the Holy Spirit, He is our special guest at every meal.
    4. Soulology


    The Essentials Of Spiritual Discipline

    In addition to physical diet and exercise, there is another aspect to staying in shape that we need to understand if we are truly going to be all that God wants us to be. In fact, if you miss out on this one aspect, everything else in this series about taking care of the body is ultimately worthless. This is a message about fitness with eternal consequences, as Ed Young brings home the importance of spiritual discipline in the life of every Christ-follower.
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    5. Churchology


    A Closer Look At Christ'S Body, The Church

    In this message Tracy Barnes, Pastor of Assimilation, joins Ed for an unexpected turn in this series on the body. They take a serious look at a spiritual and mysterious kind of body the Bible calls the Body of Christ. Ed and Tracy ask the challenging question: How are you taking care of Christ's body, the Church?
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