Black Sheep

The Freedom Of Being Found

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We read about them throughout the Bible. Prostitutes. Tax collectors. Sinners. In their time they were believed to be worthless, outcast. But it wasn’t just then. And it wasn’t just them. At some point in our lives, we all feel like the black sheep – in society, in our families or even in our own home. But as we discover in this series, the truth is much different.

As we take a look at some poignant moments in Jesus’ life and ministry, we see how He did everything He could to reach the black sheep of the Bible. And through their stories, we discover that He is doing the same thing to reach us today. We don’t have to believe the lie that we are worthless, hopeless or rejected. Because in reality, God created us to be invaluable, inspired and loved.

sermons from this Series

    1. Lost or Found

    Lost or Found

    Speaker Pace Hartfield Incites Us To Seek Out Those Who Are Lost

    In a society that is hyper-concerned with being politically correct, the last thing many of us want to do is categorize people. Yet, there is a reality that we cannot escape. Every person we see fits into one of two categories. In this message, Pace Hartfield opens the pages of Scripture to reveal the truth about these two categories. And as we see how Jesus addressed people in both, we are challenged to view people in our own lives through the same lens and ask the question, "Are they lost or are they found?"
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    2. The Well

    The Well

    Speaker Tianne Moon Offers Insight Into Jesus' Encounter With The Woman At The Well

    At one time or another, we are all considered "black sheep." We find ourselves lost, searching for direction, acceptance and hope. But when we finally discover those things, there's a powerful reality we may never have considered. In this message, guest speaker Tianne Moon opens the pages of Scripture to reveal the story of one woman who was searching for meaning and found it _; at the well. But as we unpack her encounter with Christ, we discover that being found isn't the end of our search; so often, it is just the beginning of our purpose and meaning in life.
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    3. Shy ...Away

    Shy ...Away

    Speakers Pace Hartfield And Tianne Moon Show Us How To Follow Christ In Reaching Out To Others

    Most people make it a point to avoid the black sheep of society. We shy away from the socially outcast and refuse to associate with those we deem unworthy of our attention. Yet, when we do that, we miss an even greater connection with someone else who was considered an outcast. In this message, Pace Hartfield and Tianne Moon show us how, even up to his last week on earth, Jesus continued to connect with the imperfect people of the world. And through that example we discover how, even though we may be imperfect, we are exactly the people for Christ wants to reach so that we can reach out to others as well.
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