Benefit of the Doubt

Answering Life'S Big Questions

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Doubt strengthens faith. That may sound like a contradiction, but the fact is that everyone doubts. And very often, God uses our doubts to more clearly reveal Himself to us and prove Himself in new and fresh ways.

This groundbreaking message series unpacks some of the most pressing and challenging doubts concerning the Christian faith in a way that respects and answers the skeptics and encourages and equips Christ-followers alike.

sermons from this Series

    1. Am I Allowed to Doubt?

    Am I Allowed to Doubt?

    Doubt Can Make Or Break Your Faith. Which Is It For You?

    If doubt can make or break our faith, why do we do it? Mac Richard's message talks about why doubt is positive and negative in building our faith.
    2. Can I Trust the Bible?

    Can I Trust the Bible?

    Can I Trust The Bible?

    How can I know what is real and what is false? Follow Mac as he tells us who and what to trust in the word of the Bible.
    3. What About Other Religions?

    What About Other Religions?

    Take A Look And See How Other Religions Are Similar To Christianity.

    Mac Richard speaks to us about Hindu, Scientology, Islamic, Jewish, and Christianity religions.
    4. How Can God Allow Suffering?

    How Can God Allow Suffering?

    It'S Important For Us To Understand That This Is A Part Of Life, And It'S A Part Of Life That God Knows We Struggle With.

    5. What's the Deal with Evolution?

    What's the Deal with Evolution?

    Mac Richard Explains How God Fits Into Christian Views On Evolution.