Becoming A Difference Maker

Leaving A Living Legacy

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Learning to leave a living legacy by examing the story of Moses and the Israelites.

sermons from this Series

    1. It Pays to be a Good Mother

    It Pays to be a Good Mother

    Moses' Mother

    Ed Young examines three absolutes exhibited by Moses' mother that provide a foundation for raising children who are difference makers.
    2. Something to Hide

    Something to Hide

    Moses' Mistakes

    God can use even the worst sinner for his purpose if we will turn and employ His strategies for a difference-maker.
    3. Face to Face With God

    Face to Face With God

    Moses' Response

    God's pursuit of us and our responses to Him.
    4. Journey to the Center of Your Worth

    Journey to the Center of Your Worth

    Moses' Choices

    Total surrender to God
    5. Another Night with the Frogs

    Another Night with the Frogs

    Pharaoh'S Flaw

    Pharaoh's way vs. God's way of repentance
    6. The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    The Israelites' Response

    Do you ever feel like you are surrounded in your life? You come across a situation relationally, vocationally, spiritually, ethically, morally, and youre surrounded. You look to your right. You look to your left. You look straight ahead. You look behind you and everything is caving in. Youre going through a major league crisis. What do you do? Where do you turn? How do you get out of this predicament? This message introduces us to a group of people who were surrounded. Their namesyou mightve heard of themthe children of Israel. Were going to see how the children of Israel dealt with big-time pressure. They were surrounded like most of us will never be surrounded.
    7. Special Fathers Day Message

    Special Fathers Day Message

    Our Children'S Needs

    If you're going to become a great father, you have to work at something called the identification process, and it is a two-fold process. First, dads, we have to identify our children's needs, and second, we have to identify our children's gifts. It's the dynamic duo of fatherhood. If we can do that consistently over the span of our fatherhood, then our children will truly become people who can rock this world in a unique and powerful way. Ed, shows us how to biblically identify the "N-E-E-D-S" of our children.
    8. Idol Minds

    Idol Minds

    Refusing To Reduce God

    The children of Israel tried to reduce God to an idol, a golden calf, but they did not realize how this symbol of power captured only a minute fraction of the true essence of God. This message looks at a few of the facets of God and challenges us to expand our spiritual photo albums to include all the pictures of God. Refuse to reduce God. Know God because youll experience the freedom and the joy and the power like you can never, ever imagine.