Becoming a CEO

How To Implement Creativity, Enthusiasm And Organization Into Your Life

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God has given each person these abilities – Creativity, Enthusiasm, Organization – and He expects us to unleash them on a needy world. Discover how to become your own CEO through this exciting series.

sermons from this Series

    1. How to Implement Creativity

    How to Implement Creativity

    Reflecting God'S Creativity

    As you look over the past year, you say to yourself that you want to make some changes, some alternations, but you cant put your finger on what is missing, what you are lacking. If you feel like your life is lacking luster, you could be neglecting one of the most important characteristics in the universe, creativity.
    2. How to Implement Enthusiasm

    How to Implement Enthusiasm

    Intentional And Inspirational Enthusiasm

    You can see it all over a person and especially in the eyes; the zest, the zeal, the intensity of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm. "Died at 35, buried at 75" is an appropriate epitaph for far too many Americans. I believe what we need in this hour is an infusion of outrageous, contagious enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a fascinating emotion that is difficult to explain yet simplistic to see.
    3. How to Implement Organization

    How to Implement Organization

    Organization Priorities And Intrusions

    Organization. Just the mention of the word floods our minds with a myriad of thoughts. "Organization, oh yes, that is the name of the game, because life has to be lived in a compartmentalized, digitized and systematized way. That's it, organization."