Be Our Guest

Biblical Models Of Hospitality

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We have been given the gift of grace, and we are to stretch out our hands and offer this grace, this hospitality to someone in need.

In this 4-part series, Be Our Guest, Lisa Young defines hospitality as: extending grace to someone in need, kindness packaged with purpose. It is graciousness extended from the heart. Together we will learn about the incredible opportunity we have to be world changers, beginning in our own homes and the communities where we live.

sermons from this Series

    1. The Woman at the Well

    The Woman at the Well

    Part 1 Of The Flavour Series Be Our Guest

    Jesus, although weary and in an undesirable place, extended grace to a spectacular sinner, and that encounter left a women forever different, changed. She then shared with others what Jesus had given to her. That is hospitality.
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    2. The Good Samaritan

    The Good Samaritan

    Part 2 Of The Flavour Series Be Our Guest

    It can be so easy to hide behind our gifts and keep ourselves so busy at the things we are 'good' at, that we become overworked and stressed-out. If we're not careful, we could end up neglecting our God-given responsibility to be hospitable and reach out to others.
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    3. Mary and Martha

    Mary and Martha

    Part 3 Of The Flavour Series Be Our Guest

    Learning to reach out to others and being hospitable regardless of the person or situation, is a precursor in reaching others for Christ. As we learn through Mary and Martha, sometimes our family members are the hardest people to show genuine hospitality to.
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    4. Elizabeth and Mary

    Elizabeth and Mary

    Part 4 Of The Flavour Series Be Our Guest

    Two ordinary women were used to build the foundation of the Christian movement. John the Baptist, Elizabeth's son, was born just a few months prior to Jesus' birth. John's sole purpose was to pave the way and get people ready to hear the message of God's son. By receiving His son, we are the recipients of God's ultimate hospitality.
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