Be Caused

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Every one of us has a cause, a reason we wake up each day. For some, that cause is so great they are willing to lay down their lives. For others, it may be less passionate, but it is just as powerful. No matter what our cause though, the reality is that each of us wants to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And we want to make a difference that lasts.

In this series, we’re going to discover that the ultimate cause isn’t about something, it’s about someone, Jesus Christ. And we’re going to see that when we join his cause, he gives us the ability to rise up, step out and jump in to a life of passion, purpose and true meaning.

sermons from this Series

    1. Factors


    Speaker Pace Hartfield Presents The Factors That Build Our Cause

    Every cause, no matter how great or small, is similar. There are factors that run throughout, similarities that are a common thread. In this message by guest speaker Pace Hartfield, we discover how the factors that make up the cause of the church can help each of us be caused for something larger than ourselves.
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    2. Meant to be Moved

    Meant to be Moved

    Speaker Pace Hartfield Presents Worship As A Lifestyle, Not An Activity Just For Church.

    Many people look at church as a place they go to be moved. It's where they hope to hear a message that inspires, encourages and even challenges them to live the life God has designed for them. But too often, that's where it ends for them inside the walls of the church. In this message, guest speaker Pace Hartfield reminds us that being part of the church is about allowing the power of God's Word to move us out into the world. Because while we are meant to be moved, it's by moving that we can begin to live out what has been worked into our hearts and lives.
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    3. Becoming a Part

    Becoming a Part

    Speaker Janay Mcdonald Implores Us To Become A Part Of The Cause.

    Every cause has a beginning, a start, a catalyst. But to move beyond that point, there must be those people who are willing to carry out the cause. Otherwise, it remains an idea that changes no one and results in nothing. In this message, guest speaker Janay McDonald shows us just what it takes to stop living a life unchanged,a life apart from the cause. And she reveals the power and fulfillment that come from becoming a part of the one true cause.
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    4. The Game of Life

    The Game of Life

    Speaker Mike Johnson Presents Life As More Than What We See.

    What if you were given an opportunity to look back over your life, only to discover there is more to reality than you assumed? In this powerful message, guest speaker Mike Johnson presents the story of a young woman who is given the opportunity to view her life on earth after her death. And while what she sees is unexpected, the results of her faith, her prayers and her life are a welcome sight as she steps into eternity.
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