Authority Issues Small Group Study

Present A Godly View Of Authority


We all deal with authority issues:

  • Your boss is a jerk
  • The waitress sits you where you don’t want to sit
  • The coach is not giving your child the playing time they deserve…
  • Your parents wont give you the freedom you want.

And those issues keep us from experiencing all that God has for us.

God is a God of authority. We can see it in his very nature as well as in his plan for creation. Through this study, we can learn what God had in mind when he created authority. We’ll see that by getting under the authority in our lives, God is preparing us for a new level of living. And we’ll discover the incredible things waiting for us once we confront our authority issues.

This four-part study includes a Leaders Guide, Creative Notes and Youth Notes for each session and can be used for both individual and group study.

  • Week One: Gone Gabriel
  • Week Two: Get Under It
  • Week Three: The “S” Word
  • Week Four: Love Letter

*In select studies, we have incorporated special notes for student ministry, designed to help each discussion time speak to the unique needs and issues of youth.

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