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Connect Animals In The Scriptures With Our Lives

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Do you have anything in common with a dog, eagle, camel or dove? In this four part series Ed Young looks at the animals of the Bible and how they relate to our lives.

sermons from this Series

    1. Sick as a Dog

    Sick as a Dog

    How To Break The Cycle Of Sin

    It is our nature to return to our sin, that hurtful habit we have dealt with and done with and tried to expel. In this message, Ed shares solutions for breaking the cycle of sin.
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    2. Fly Like an Eagle

    Fly Like an Eagle

    How To Multiply Our Vision

    When God looks at our lives, He sees potential eagles--strong, powerful visionaries. Yet somewhere along lifes journey our culture clips our wings, ties our talons, and cages us.
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    3. Camel Filter

    Camel Filter

    How To Master Materialism

    Putting your possessions through the filter of faith.
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    4. Harmless as a Dove

    Harmless as a Dove

    The Role Of The Holy Spirit

    The dove is used to reflect the role of the Holy Spirit.
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