All Jacked Up

Are You Living A Jacked Up Life?

3 Parts | By:

Do you think your life is “All Jacked Up”? Bil Cornelius shares his life stories of how he’s jacked up, how the Bible is Jacked Up, and how you can fix your Jacked-Up lives.

sermons from this Series

    1. Jacked Up-edness

    Jacked Up-edness

    Bil Teaches His Audience A New Word... Jacked Up-Edness.

    Jacked Up-edness. A new word to add to your vocabulary thanks to Bil Cornelius. Follow along as Bil leads us thru the Bible full of "Jacked Up" people and stories!
    2. Conflicted Within

    Conflicted Within

    Our Lives Get Jacked Up Because We Don'T Think We'Re Worthy Of A Good Life. Is Your Life Worthy? Or Is It Jacked Up?

    3. Unjack Your Life

    Unjack Your Life

    Bil Cornelius Can Help You In Your Jacked Up Indication And Help You Get Unjacked Up As We Look At God'S Word On What We Do When Things Are Messed Up.