All Churched Up and Everywhere to Go

Share The Vision Of The Local Church

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In this series, Ed Young discusses the purpose of the local church to Reach Up, Reach Out, and Reach In.

sermons from this Series

    1. Up, Up and Away

    Up, Up and Away

    The Wonder Of Worship

    Reach up. That is worship. If you apply and incorporate worship into your life, your deepest needs will be met. Worship can be defined as expressing love to God for who He is, for what He said and for what He is doing. We will look at seven characteristics of our worship.
    2. The Fright to Remain Silent

    The Fright to Remain Silent

    Communicating Christ To Others

    Reach out. That is evangelism which is communicating Christ with others. This message is designed specifically for those here who are believers, for those inside the family of God.
    3. Deep and Why

    Deep and Why

    Growing Deeper With God

    Reach in. That is discipleship. We define discipleship as the process of developing our relationship with the Lord.