Preparing the way for a greater future.

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Christmas is the time of year when people everywhere are preparing for something great. Decorations are unpacked, presents are bought, and lights are strung. But as we lead up to Christmas, is our focus on the real purpose and potential this time of year has? Because the reality is that Christmas is more than an event; it’s the advent of Christ’s birth! And this series by Pastor Ed Young helps us all discover just how ADVENTAGEOUS this time of year can be!

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    1. Preparing the Way

    Preparing the Way

    Preparing For The Greatest Celebration!

    Christmas is a time of celebration and preparation. But it's also a time of anticipation. Just as people during the first Christmas anticipated the birth of Jesus and his introduction into the world, this is a time of year when we anticipate all that God is going to continue to do in the world. And as we prepare to celebrate what has been done in the past, Pastor Ed Young helps us discover how God is preparing the way for something even greater in the future!
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