A Bout With Doubt

Responding To Global Turmoil And Personal Doubt

6 Parts | By:

When terrorist attacks and needless violence fill the news headlines, our minds are flooded with questions. And as world events turn tragic more and more often, these questions can’t be ignored.

A Bout with Doubt shows us how faith can help us sort out a world that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. Within this 6-week series, two messages stand out as especially relevant to current events. Global Doubt, Part 1 and Part 2, go deep into some of the world’s largest religions, and examine the fundamental beliefs that produce radically different world views.

sermons from this Series

    1. When Faith Has Lost its Fizz

    When Faith Has Lost its Fizz

    Dealing With Doubt

    What do you do when your faith is down for the count? Depending on how you deal with it, doubt can either choke out your faith or feed it. Ed Young shows us that it's okay to doubt, as long as we deal openly and honestly with God about our questions. He also defines the kinds of punches that can knock out our faith and identifies their probable sources.
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    2. Faith Lift

    Faith Lift

    Understanding Faith

    The essence of faith is often hard to define. Many search for all the answers before they will take that important step of faith in Christ; but, if they had all the answers, they wouldn't need faith. Ed Young exposes some of the most common misunderstandings about faith and talks about the faith that pleases God.
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    3. VCR Faith

    VCR Faith

    Reviewing Faith

    A bout with doubt often requires a Very Critical Response (VCR). Like the controls on a VCR, this response will require some rewinding, some fast-forwarding and the avoidance of the pause and eject buttons. In this creative message, Ed will help you push the right buttons to get your faith back on track.
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    4. Global Doubt 1

    Global Doubt 1

    Hinduism, Buddhism, &Amp; Islam

    In this first part of a two-part message, Ed Young explains the differences between some of the world's largest religions and Christianity. This message includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. He answers the question: What sets Christianity apart from other faith systems?
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    5. Global Doubt 2

    Global Doubt 2

    Jehovah'S Witness &Amp; Mormonism

    In this second installment of a two-part message on the world's major religions, the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons (or Latter Day Saints) are contrasted with Christianity. While these two western religions resemble certain aspects of Christianity, Ed will explain how they stray from the fundamentals of a New Testament faith.
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    6. Highway 146

    Highway 146

    One Way

    Is Jesus the only way to the Father? In this concluding message of the series, Ed Young answers a resounding, "Yes." From John 14:6 and other biblical and historical evidence, Ed lays out a defense of our faith in Jesus Christ as the only means "whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)
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