7 Senses of Marriage


Transform your church’s approach to marriages with the 7 Senses of Marriage Sermon Series by Creative Pastors. This powerful series is the ultimate resource for pastors and church leaders seeking to equip their congregations with biblical principles and practical tips for a successful Christian marriage.

This Series Package Includes:

The Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Transcript & Outline

The Do's and Don'ts of Marriage Communication

Transcript & Outline

What Are The Storms In Marriage?

Transcript & Outline

How to Keep Romance Alive in Marriage

Transcript & Outline

7 Senses of Marriage: Series Graphics

Slide Package & Social Media

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With its comprehensive sermon prep materials, including outlines, transcripts, and engaging media resources like graphics packages and video materials, this series will help bring your preaching to life. Each sermon focuses on key aspects of a strong and healthy marriage, including communication, handling hard times, and keeping romance alive.

Whether you’re looking to start a new series on marriage or simply looking for fresh inspiration, this series provides the tools you need to take your preaching to the next level. Make the most of your time in the pulpit and equip your congregation with the skills they need for a successful Christian marriage.

In summary, with this Sermon Series, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive sermon prep materials, including outlines and transcripts, to help you deliver powerful sermons on shame and forgiveness.
  • Stunning graphics packages to enhance the visual impact of your sermons.

Order the 7 Senses of Marriage Sermon Series today and start sharing the secrets to a strong and thriving marriage in your church.