7 Senses of Marriage

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What's Included?

Our dream is to live happily ever after, but nowadays we can go from “I’m ready” to “I do” to “I’m done,” quicker than ever. In this message series by Pastor Ed & LisaYoung, we will discover how to develop our 7 Senses of Marriage as we experience the transformational power of a full-on, all-in marriage.

sermons from this Series

    1. Vision


    Many have tried their hand at marriage in every way but God's way. He has an ultimate vision and plan for every marriage, but so does the enemy! In this sermon on marriage, Pastor Ed Young teaches that God's vision for marriage is far more profound and much broader than today's culture can even begin to comprehend. Why? Because it's hard work, and anything of lasting value doesn't come easy. But when we're willing to work, the hardest things in life, such as marital success, become the greatest things when we view and do them according to God's perspective.
    2. Sound Communication

    Sound Communication

    Communication is an integral part of everything we do. It can go from incredibly good to terribly wrong within a matter of seconds – especially in marriage, where it isn't as much the presence of conflict that's the problem as the how - the "Okay, what next?" In this sermon on marriage, Ed and Lisa Young teach the do's and don’ts before saying, "I do." We'll learn that following biblical guidelines for conflict resolution will help us develop sound communication skills before it comes to saying: "We quit!"
    3. Anchored


    Anchors secure boats from going adrift in the wind.When they penetrate the seabed surface, suction generates resistance to secure the craft. In this sermon on marriage, Ed and Lisa Young ask, "What are you anchored to?" When the rogue winds and waves hit, if you have the right anchor — Jesus —He will provide stability and strength to not only survive but to thrive in the storm.
    4. Recipe For Romance

    Recipe For Romance

    Today, many marriages face a constant barrage of temptation and "easy outs" — but God offers us a better way to keep romance and intimacy alive and Satan at bay. Through this dynamic message, you'll find that there's help and hope for troubled marriages as well as a challenge to make great marriages greater. In this sermon on marriage, enjoy the aroma of romance with Ed and Lisa Young as they get things cooking by sharing the ultimate recipe for a healthy, vibrant marriage.