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Marriage God'S Way

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Disposable relationships and throwaway marriages permeate our culture. When the dream fades and the realities of life set in, many just throw in the towel. In this series, Ed Young takes a penetrating look at what it means to have a lasting marriage in today’s world. After almost twenty years in the ministry and twenty-six years of marriage, Ed speaks openly and honestly about the hard work involved in a creative marriage and the lasting rewards of doing it God’s way.

sermons from this Series

    1. Keeping Creativity in Your Marriage

    Keeping Creativity in Your Marriage

    Making Marriage Last

    Marriage matters to God. God thought it up; He started the program. And God wants us to rise above the mediocre and experience the ultimate in our marriage relationships. In this message, Ed Young lays the biblical foundation for a lasting marriage: a tireless marital work ethic, a renewed commitment to our vows, and the need for creativity in every aspect of marriage.
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    2. Creative Communication

    Creative Communication

    Wise Words

    Words have the power to both hurt and heal. In this message Ed Young teaches how creative communication can intentionally build up rather than tear down the other person. Ed also shares practical steps toward better communication, such as taking an e-break, respecting your spouses time zone, exiting busy boulevard and several others.
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    3. Creative Conflict

    Creative Conflict

    Rules Of Conflict

    Is it possible to deepen your relationship through conflict? Not only is it possible, but both research and experience indicate that conflict handled in the right way can bring greater intimacy to a marriage. In this message Ed Young takes a look at the ground rules for the kind of creative conflict that fosters honesty and growth. These ground rules include, Assess the Damage Prior to Launch, Wave the Banner of Good Manners, Avoid the Subterranean Level, among others.
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    4. Sex Busters

    Sex Busters

    Removing Relational Obstacles

    Research indicates that couples engage in more sexual intimacy their first year of marriage than in all of their other years of marriage combined. That is not the way God intended sex within marriage to be. Sexual fulfillment and intimacy can and should grow as the marriage matures, if couples are willing to take a candid look at the Sex Busters in their marriage. In this message, Ed Young shows us how to remove the barriers and build bridges to a great sex life.
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    5. Marriage Questions Answered

    Marriage Questions Answered

    Marriage Faqs

    Throughout their eighteen years of marriage and many years of ministry in the local church, Ed and Lisa Young have collected some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding marriage and share them in this personal interview.
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