2 Have & 2 Hold – How to Make a Great Marriage

Strengthen Your Marriage

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Ever get the feeling there are some things in life that are trying to pull you and your spouse apart? Feeling a little stretched? Do you need a new grip? Well, hold on! Here is a series that will motivate, challenge and strengthen you in your marriage.

sermons from this Series

    1. How to Make a Great Marriage

    How to Make a Great Marriage

    Harnessing The Power Of Christ In Our Marriages

    In this Easter message, Ed Young links Christ with the power to have and to hold.
    2. A Succ-Sexful Marriage

    A Succ-Sexful Marriage

    Finding Sexual Fulfillment In Marriage

    For far too long the church has only emphasized the negative aspects about sex, but in this message Ed Young discusses the great side of sex which is exhilarating, adventuresome and fun - Biblical sex.
    3. Married, Married Quite Contrary

    Married, Married Quite Contrary

    Working Through Conflict

    Conflict is inevitable in marriage. There will be those moments when we all go toe to toe against our spouse over a certain issue. In this mesage Ed Young shares four steps in marital conflict training.
    4. Men are from Mars

    Men are from Mars

    Understanding The Needs Of Men

    Ed Young examines the role of men in marriage.
    5. Women are from Venus

    Women are from Venus

    Understanding The Needs Of Women

    Ed Young continues his in-depth look at marriage by examining the roles of women.
    6. Attack of the Killer Fees

    Attack of the Killer Fees

    Managing Your Finances

    Ed Young discusses the keys to financial harmony.