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The Importance of Excellence

From the very beginning of my life in ministry, God has impressed upon me the need for excellence. Why? Simply put, excellence attracts. We see it all around us. Those entities who exude excellence are the ones that people are drawn to. And excellence within the one-hour window of weekend worship not only motivates people to keep coming back, it motivates them to come back with more people!

1. Keep the main thing the main thing.
The weekend. The weekend. The weekend. So goes the weekend, so goes your church. Like you, your church can only do so many things and still maintain a level of excellence, so stay true to your vision. Your weekend experiences are the gateway to reach your community. I’m not saying don’t have other ministries, those are important. But, not if they are distracting from the main thing. The weekend.

2. Inspect what you expect.
Excellence is achieved when we check our egos at the door. Each weekend at FC, I gather the team after our Saturday service to watch the experience and critique it. We evaluate the flow, the length, and especially the message. Cut what doesn’t work and be open to suggestions. A culture of constant critique is not always easy, but it ensures that you and your leaders are being stretched to greater heights for greater impact.

3. It’s a no-go if it doesn’t flow.
We all want to avoid those “music screeching to a halt” moments. The same is true for achieving excellence in every worship experience. Get with your team and inspect your last experience:

  • Does the worship and production set up the message?
  • Does your emcee understand how to come out of a worship moment and turn the corner to greet people?
  • Are announcements too long? People check out quick so it’s important to keep those tight.
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Three Steps To A Great First Impression

Did you know that your first time guest experience begins BEFORE anyone even walks through your church doors? In this 4 minute interview, I break down our first time guest protocol with the one and only Tianne Moon, who leads out in our hospitality area. Don’t wait for your first big fall kick-off weekend to get this going. Work now to inspect and elevate your first time guest experience!

Three Steps To A Great First Impression:

1. The Person is More Important Than the Process. 

It’s vital to have a solid plan in place for guests – from the moment they drive on campus to the follow-up call they receive that week from your team. But, take time this week to inspect your guest flow and make sure it’s personal – the volunteers teams, how you collect information, who is calling them and is it timely? Download our FREE Weekly Reach Report.

2. Put Your Best Foot Forward.

Spring cleaning should also take place in the fall. Clean your facility from top to bottom and update your signage for a fresh look. Take your hospitality to another level with special treats, schedule your sharpest volunteers, and make your experience unforgettable!

3. Tell Them Why They Should Come Back. 

Don’t be passive about this. It’s the best hour of their week and it’ll be here again in 6 days. Spice things up with giveaways or a porch party. If it’s membership class weekend, serve a fun meal. Depending on your schedule, you can also tease your next series.

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Keep Your Marriage Alive

Lisa and I just celebrated 35 years of marriage. As I think about the decades we’ve spent together, I’m reminded of how important it is to take care of your spouse and invest in your marriage. This principle is especially true in ministry.

Here are a few things Lisa and I have learned and committed to in order to take our marriage to a HOLY NOTHA LEVEL.

I shall have no other human relationship before Lisa. This means, as important as other relationships – kids, parents, other family members, staff, etc. – are, no other relationship goes before your spouse. Period. Your wife is the most important earthly relationship you will have and your schedule should reflect that.

Remember date night and keep it holy. Make date night a priority. Carve out the time in your calendar to make this happen. Get creative with your budget to make it work. This relationship is worth the investment!

What is something you can do today to honor your spouse?

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Three Steps to a Great Vacation

“It’s so vital that we take time off. There is nothing as great as the ministry. Also, there is nothing as draining as the ministry. I call the ministry BRUTIFUL…”


Three Steps to a Great Vacation:

1. Pick a Date
“But I haven’t arranged for a guest speaker,” you say. Summer is a great opportunity for your upcoming leaders to gain experience at the pulpit. While it may be nerve-racking to entrust large amounts of responsibility to other leaders, it’s important to remember that our leadership is measured more in our absence, than in our presence.
2. Choose a Place
So…where should you go? Do you remember the last time your head was spinning with ideas? You found yourself daydreaming about the future and it seemed like you didn’t have a care in the world? Wherever you were then, go there! You don’t have to spend a week in Maui, but you can spend a week on the beach, if you’re creative. Traveling has become more affordable than ever. With companies like Uber, saving you from the hassle of renting a car, to Airbnb, making it possible to rent amazing rooms and entire homes at exceptionally low rates, there is no excuse not to TAKE A BREAK!
3. Take Your Mate
We hear you. Money is tight and it’s just going to cost too much this year. You’re right, but let me ask you this: what costs more, the vacation or arbitration during a divorce? Ministry takes a toll on you and your spouse which is why you need to get away. Nobody will ever tell you to do it but you gotta do it. Make the call, it will bless your life!
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“If you don’t take a break, your schedule will break you.”

– Ed Young