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Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Church Creative

Creative Pastors Blog - February 2018

We all know that God is a creative God. The fifth word in the Bible reminds us of that fact. As His creation, we’re made in that creative image. But the question we have to ask is: Are we doing all we can to weave our God-given creativity into the fiber and fabric of our churches? God invented creativity, Jesus modeled it, the Holy Spirit empowers it, and people need it! That’s why my creative team and I have put together 6 quick tips to help you bring out your God-given creativity and use them to transform your weekend experiences!

Ed Young

Top 6 Ways to Keep Your Church Creative:

1. Craft effective illustrations. Develop new and creative ways to illustrate your point in each message! Whether you paint while you teach, unpack suitcases, or sit on a fence, exciting illustrations help drive home your main point!

2. Creative meetings take you places! Hold a weekly meeting with your creative team that is nothing more than a “brain dump!” Write down every idea that comes out — good, bad, or ugly. Avoid words like “can’t” and “no” in this meeting. Then, take some time to follow them through and to see where they lead!

3. Hit the magic number. Every experience should be 60 minutes long, including worship, the message, announcements, and all! Keeping it short and sweet leaves people excited for the next experience and hits right within the average attention span!

4. Mix it up! The Message should remain the same, but the methods should constantly change. Do what you can to switch up your service. Try new elements. Change the order of what happens. Use new people on stage. Combine old songs in with new songs. Do whatever you can to make it a memorable experience!

5. Creative elements are key. Sprinkling in creative elements throughout the experience is an easy and effective way to “wow” newcomers and get the energy in the room up! Here is an example of one of Fellowship’s most powerful creative elements we’ve ever done: Click Here!

6. ATTEND C3 CONFERENCE 2018. Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like taking a break and rubbing shoulders with other creative leaders! Join us for C3 Conference 2018 this February 14-15! Register Today!

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How To Grow Your Church In 2018

Creative Pastors Blog - January 2018

Happy New Year! Right now, each of us is thinking and praying about what we can do to make the biggest impact in our ministries. In a word, it comes down to VISION. We need to say it, spray it, wheel it, deal it, and make people feel it! Constantly casting and recasting the vision of the church is the best way to get-and keep-people involved and excited about the purpose of the church! (For one of my favorite vision series, check out The Table!)

As we ring in 2018, we see so much potential. We want to help you reach that potential. So below, you’ll find 7 Vision Tips to help you reach and get newcomers involved in your church, not only for the new year but for years to come!

Ed Young

How to Grow Your Church in 2018:

1. Kick off the year with a bang! Starting the new year with a strong, new series will bring a lot of excitement to the church. We have so many series ideas to help you bring the new year to the people! Download them HERE.

2. Reach out. If you want the community in the church, take your church to the community! Go to local events and promote with teams of volunteers, signs, invites, and flyers.

3. Realize the power of a poster. Print posters to promote the weekend or an upcoming series! Spread the word and put up posters at schools, coffee shops, community boards, etc. EVERYWHERE is a promotion opportunity!

4. Sign UP to bring them IN! Promote with BIG signs on or around your building to bring in the BIG crowds. Great signage is attention-grabbing, so the bigger, the better!

5. Make it personal. Plan a message on evangelism and make a point to challenge your church to invite, invite, invite. Hand out packs of flyers and invites after service to everyone and really initiate the invite!

6. Take advantage of social media reach. Create a Facebook event, spread it through your staff and volunteers, and watch the checkmarks pour in! Facebook events are a great way to get the community involved in the inviting process. What easier way to invite all of your friends and family to church than over social media?!

7. Please, un-silence your cellphones. Challenge everyone to take out their phone during service (yes, DURING service) and text at least one person, inviting them to your new series!

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7 Tips To Make Your Christmas Service Run Smoothly

Creative Pastors Blog - December 2017

This is the time of the year where so many people are willing to give God and the Church one more try, and our goal is to make sure they come back! One of the most important aspects to any meaningful experience is making sure we don’t miss a beat. Thats why the FC Creative team and I have come up with 7 tips and tricks to help make your Christmas service run smoothly and seamlessly. Remember, it’s all about those small tweaks, because small tweaks take you to giant peaks!

Ed Young 

7 Tips to Make Your Christmas Service Run Smoothly:

1. Get the Party Started Right
Make your pre-service memorable with fun Christmas trivia! We have created this FREE Christmas Trivia Slideshow you can play on the big screen as guests are coming in.

2. Say it, Spray it, Wheel it, Deal it, Make Them Feel it
This season is a time that requires a lot more time and energy from our volunteers. Make sure you are casting EXTRA vision to keep the energy high and excitement up for this busy season.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
Rehearsing is crucial. Having a few run-throughs of not only the worship music, but the Scriptures, welcome, and announcements will make the entire thing seamless. Have everyone who will be on stage or helping stage at each rehearsal so everyone is prepared.

4. Don’t Play Musical Chairs
Make sure your service doesn’t include multiple times where the audience moves from sitting to standing and back to sitting. This can be uncomfortable for people and have a “musical chairs” feel. Think through this BEFORE your first Christmas experience. Make sure it is communicated clearly when you want the audience to sit and stand throughout the service.

5. Transitions Are Crucial
Great transitions make a great service! Flawless transitions between worship, carols, special elements, the messages, and announcements will make the service feel tight and add to that WOW! factor newcomers are looking for.

6. Set the Stage Crew up for Success
Have stage crew on hand and rehearsed to take band equipment on and off stage in between transitions. This will help speed up the transition and look much better from the audience’s perspective.

7. Have a Creative Critique Meeting
Invite your top creativity consultants to rewatch the first message immediately after the service ends. Go over the entire service with a fine-tooth comb and have a critique session to improve any loose ends!

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5 Creative Ways to Invite

Creative Pastors Blog - November 2017

Reach UP. Reach OUT. Reach IN. Since day one of Fellowship Church, we have passionately pursued this vision. It is the very heartbeat of everything we do. While it may be easy to focus on the ‘Up’ and ‘In,’ too often we can overlook the ‘Out,’ because reaching people takes work! Yet, reaching people is exactly what the local church is designed to do.
So as we all prepare for the Christmas season, I want to encourage you to keep working to reach the lives God has put in your path. Work hard to build your message in a way that will clearly communicate the light of Christ! And to help, check out these 5 Creative Ways to Invite this Christmas. I can’t wait to see how God works IN your church to reach OUT to the world as you look UP to Him!

5 Creative Ways to Invite:

1. Begin ordering your invite cards.
Start ordering invites now so they will be ready for action when you start promoting in December. Direct your holiday invitations towards those you want to step into God’s house for the first time and start growing your church one invite at a time!

2. Bundle your invites.
Hand out bundles of 3 invitations after every service and challenge your congregation to reach their community. Leave the invitations with a tip, place them on doors, or pin them to bulletin boards to extend the reach beyond close acquaintances. Get your invite on!

3. Break-out the social media.
Social media is THE place to get your invite to the masses. Start posting through Facebook and Instagram to promote your holiday service (Click Here for Free Graphics). Send out text message reminders available for members to sign up for. You will be able to reach so many people at a rate you couldn’t humanly accomplish with printed invitations!

4. Build a community around the church.
The holiday season provides a huge opportunity to connect with our communities.  Use holiday events in the community to promote your holiday event. Hand out invites at local parades, football games, and Black Friday lines. Go out and connect to show people the hospitality they’ll receive at your church!

5. Invite over local radio stations.
Perform a live Christmas acoustic set with your worship team and invite listeners to join you for the real deal! Use popular media platforms to share what your Christmas worship experience has to offer.  Nothing gets people in the swing of the season better than Christmas Carols!

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Giving Campaign

One of the key roles of any pastor is that of “chief fundraiser.” And October is the best time to begin a giving campaign! This year, our team has combined Fellowship’s most impactful Giving Series and a customizable Year-End Giving Kit, including an annual pledge card, announcement slide, iPartner giving envelope, and more. This all-inclusive resource has everything you need to start your next campaign out the right way!
I look forward to hearing about what you have planned next!

Customizable Downloads:

  • Year-End Giving Strategy
  • iPartner Envelope
  • Annual Pledge Card
  • Media Screen Slide
  • Automatic Withdrawal Form
  • Large Collection Boxes
  • Year-End Vision Letter
  • Thank You Letter